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Mantas Sabeckis

Security Researcher


The price of services highly depends on the desired scope of selected applications and infrastructure. Multiple different testing types offered such as automated scanning, manual testing, white box and black box testing. For more in depth details of pricing model, please contact me via this link.

External Penetration Testing

Systemic evaluation of organization’s external-facing assets (like websites, web applications, email servers, VPNs, and other network devices) for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by an external attacker. The main objective is to identify potential security weaknesses and validate that the external defenses are working as intended.

Internal Penetration Testing

The main focus in on evaluating the security posture of an organization’s internal network infrastructure and systems. It simulates an attack that originates from inside the organization, representing a scenario where an insider, such as an employee, contractor, or someone who has already breached the perimeter, tries to exploit internal resources.

Web Application Assessments

The main objective is to identify security vulnerabilities in web applications. These vulnerabilities could be the result of misconfigurations, poor programming practices, or inadequate security controls. The scope is OWASP Top 10 related issues.

Mobile Application Assessments

Android and iOS application security vulnerability and weaknesses evaluation. As mobile applications often access, process, or store sensitive user data, ensuring their security is crucial.

Security Awareness Trainings

Trainings with the main goal to educate company employees about the importance of information security, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to recognize and mitigate potential security threats. Effective security awareness training can significantly reduce the risk of human error, which is a leading cause of security incidents.

Consultations and Penetration Testing Trainings

Foundational knowledge transfer about pentesting techniques, methodologies, and tricks to help identify vulnerabilities. The core topics: commercial penetration testing tools, vulnerability types and how to identify them. 1-on-1 trainings are also possible.

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